In Regards to the Last Post! Rant and Scenarios!

After getting a few emails and it was brought up in a phone call, I’m going to point something out about the last post:

It is a possibility and not set in stone!

What you see is the scenario that would lead to a Kira Grasdon book.  It involves either Kira being the sole survivor or Sari dying and Luke choosing to be alone.  I have plans for Luke being the only survivor, Sari surviving to get Luke, Sari surviving to lose Luke, Kira surviving to get Luke, and all 3 dying.  The truth is that the ‘Kira lives and alone’ is the story I put up there.  Here are the other scenarios:

Luke Only Survivor–  Plagued by guilt and wanders away from his friends becoming a nameless adventurer.  Returns for a later adventure when his old friends are in trouble.

Sari Only Survivor– Wanders in search of ways to distract herself, but stays in contact with all the old friends.  Focuses a lot on trying to be a hero like Luke and carries his sabers, which she trains to use.  Pulled into a quest that can lead to her choosing between reviving Luke or Kira, but not both.

Sari/Luke Survive & Break Up– They go for cameos where both are wanderers.  Sari is angry and Luke feels guilty.  An adventure happens where they are forced to work together and get a second chance.  Either they take that chance or they end being friends.

Luke/Kira Survive & Stay Together– They marry and settle down to become cameos.  Name a child after Sari who goes on future adventures.

Kira/Sari Survive– They bond over their shared loss and go into business together.  Kira runs the main merchant house while Sari gets clients and product.  Both appear in stories that involve trading and ancient relics.

Luke/Sari Survive & Stay Together– Same thing as Luke/Kira together, but they travel and name a child after Kira.  With help from Sari and any other surviving champions, Luke maintains the Grasdon Merchant House.

All 3 Die–  A lot of grief, memorials, and ghost cameos if it works for a story.

There we go, people!  All possible scenarios for these characters and there can be even more.  Only other thing I’m going to say is that it isn’t that it happens, but the how and why.  Authors reveal that a character might die whether by name or hint all the time.  So please calm down and enjoy the books that have PLENTY of twists coming.  Trying hard not to be annoyed here, but I got 3 more messages complaining about spoilers since I started writing this post.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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43 Responses to In Regards to the Last Post! Rant and Scenarios!

  1. As I recall, you indicated possible spoilers at the very beginning of that last post. Selective reading?


    • I did indicate it, but I also stated that it’s a scenario. I’ve seen people react to any book information as spoilers, so I have to put the warning even when I don’t think it warrants it. Getting several emails and a phone call is what prompted this other post. To be honest, I don’t consider the last post a real spoiler.


  2. Kate Sparkes says:

    Good to know people care, I guess? 🙂


  3. How dare you plot the story! Who do you think you are, the author? 😀


  4. M T McGuire says:

    I remember writing a review once which started with an explanation that it was quite graphic and that people who were easily offended should not read it. The first comment I got was from somebody easily offended who had read on anyway and got…. wait for it…. offended. I think if you’d put a big note at the beginning of the post saying “hey people there are NO spoilers here, read it all, go on, go on,” you’d have been fine. 😉

    People are contrary.




    • Yeah. I wrote that there were possible spoilers due to previous issues. One challenge is that these aren’t spoilers to me. There’s so much more than the drip of information, so they’re closer to teasers.


  5. intheAMDay says:

    I think it’s great your creativity is reaching out for so many possible scenarios. Love the spin off idea of a Kira Grasdon book. LOVE IT! Truth: I have not read the series yet (definitely. plan to), but there is something so liberating about recycling a character into another series. You seem to have a solid fan base, Charles, and I’m sure that in the end, your fans will approve of the finished product. Best Wishes!


    • Thanks. I’ve actually got plans for each character in case they live and what the others do if they die. So until the series is done, a lot of my future stuff while have a state of flux. For example, Nyx is a tentative cameo for a few future books if she survives. If not then I have alternate characters that will fill the void.


  6. sknicholls says:

    If you have noticed, I never like or comment on the posts you label as ***Spoiler Alert*** because I know I haven’t read into the series very far, but I would like to. That’s why the alert is there. Duh!


    • I’ve noticed and I’m fine with that. It’s why I try to be scarce on the details if I’m mentioning anything that could be a spoiler. In the previous post, I mention at least once that it’s a possible scenario. I’m finishing book 7 by the end of Monday, which means 8 more to go. A lot can change in that time.


  7. Please,please I like happy endings so for me Luke/Sari Survive & Stay Together works the best.At least you have to print one book with this ending for me 🙂


  8. Oloriel says:

    Even thought I know how you must have felt when these comments hit, I also understand the people writing them (partialy at least!) NOW SPOILERS AHEAD SO FUZZY BUNNIES STAY AWAY!
    I remember I wanted to write a huge hate mail to Robert Jordan when he killed Moiraine. because I bloody loved the character so much! He kept 6989540 useless, shallow, dumb characters, but had to kill her! See what I mean? The tone and everything, I am even in real life getting angry again 🙂 This just means people got tied to your characters and they want for them what they would want for them if they were living people. In majority of the cases, its like this 😀
    As for me, I don’t like happy endings, because, you know, happy endings dont exist for me, I get drawn in the book and being the pessimist I am, I just think :”But then,this crazy crap happened and somebody died!” From your scenarios, my favourite one would be the one where there is a ressurection possibility, but only for one person. It would make me invest emotionaly, which I like. The living with kids and naming and traveling would not be among my favourite closures to an epic series.
    You are the author and what I would love the most is that you write and end this tale in a way that makes even you feel goosebumps 😀


    • I’m strange about the happy endings. I think they work for some characters and don’t work for others. Though I think the best way to do a happy ending is when you can believe that it was earned and anything else happening to the characters would simply be the author being mean. I’ve read a few books where every character is miserable and broken at the end, which leaves me wondering what happened afterwards. Best way to explain it is that a sad ending means a new adventure can be done because everyone strives for that happy ending.

      Without going into spoilers, I will say that I’m going to put my heroes through hell. Any of them that get the happy ending of married/kids/peace will have earned it. I figure I owe it to the survivors after everything I do to them. 😀


      • Oloriel says:

        I am even stranger I think, because I expect the book that I like to change me in the end. Thats why I have no favourite fantasy author besides Pulman 🙂

        I have no doubt they will earn it, but thinking about it mkore and rereading your scenarios, man, you are in for some mudwork with choices 😀


      • That’s only for 3 characters. I still have 10-15 other characters ranking from main to secondary.


  9. Kirsten says:

    Ugh…this all sounds very frustrating for you! I have never known you to be one that gives a real “spoiler, spoiler!” You hint at things and possibilities, but you don’t come out and give us all the exact details of your books. I hope the emails stop coming. I think the scenarios you listed all have great potential. I’m a titch partial to the Kira and Luke one…because of her name 😉


  10. Lucky you, having readers who worry so much about your characters! And, I love that you have competing plans for what may ultimately unfold. I do something similar, because sometimes you get surprises when you actually write the scene, and it’s a pain having to stop and re-plan the rest of the tale.


  11. melissajanda says:

    It seems your characters have made quite an impression to get that kind of reaction. You should be proud, Charles. And by the way, I read about Sari possibly working in a brothel and was secretly cursing you. I was reading on my phone during a brief break in my daughter’s soccer practice and didn’t get a chance to respond. Good thing I had a few days to cool off because I wanted your head on a platter, LOL. Anyway, it’s a little twisted, but screwing with the lives of their characters and making life challenging for them is what good authors do.


    • Actually, that was Kira and it can still change. Besides, I never said what really would lead to that situation or what it entails.

      This is one of the problems with having a blog about my writing now that I have more books out. I’m getting a lot of heat for writing about anything that comes after Legends of Windemere. It’s becoming a challenge to find things to write about since my books are the main topic.


      • melissajanda says:

        Oh, right. Anyway, I was upset, lol. BUT that’s good because that’s what good characters and good stories do. They get the reader emotionally involved. The more upset you are about their predicaments, the more you cheer when they overcome. Keep throwing the curve balls and change-ups at them Charles! I’ll keep reading 🙂


      • Well, I might have to change the structure of the blog now that 4 books are live. I might have to stop mentioning the books outside of promos or vague poems. The thing I didn’t expect was that people would avoid the posts about other Windemere series.


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