Teaser Tuesday: Freedom #fantasy #adventure

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Here we are at the finale.  A big scene from Legends of Windemere: Warlord of the Forgotten Age.  This was a hit during the debut post because it shows that things do not go swimmingly for our heroes.  I added more to it, which reveals the secret power of a hero.  I kept this one off the blog for years and then showed it while promoting this story.  Enjoy!

Exiting the portal above Gaia, the Baron is carried by an ocean breeze to the top of the amphitheater. His chest is tight as the curse attempts to crush him, a final embrace before it is dispelled for eternity. Free of his prison, the immortal inhales as if he has not taken a breath in centuries. The sight of gulls and white clouds in place of demons and endless storms brings tears to his eyes. Scents of foods that he has created magical versions of waft to his nose, the real dishes smelling infinitely more delicious than his creations. Throwing his sense of propriety away, the Baron falls to his knees and kisses the stone beneath his feet. Distant screams travel to his ears as the entire population of Windemere is forced to remember all of the horrors he committed as a mortal. Waves of fear wrap around the world when they recall that he became the God of Destiny and planned to unleash his fury on the other deities. Vivid memories of the atrocities he committed forces themselves into millions of minds that are driven to the edge of insanity. Their voices and emotions are delicacies to the Baron’s senses, which strain to absorb every sensation given off by his new kingdom. Even the whispers of defiance from nearby make him lick his lips and desire the chance to crush his first true enemy with his bare hands. Rising to his feet, the Baron shields his eyes from the sun to help him see a hazy dome that appears in the sky. Feeling a familiar energy from the lowering barrier, he laughs and throws out his arms to greet one of the keys to his victory. With a resounding boom, the spell covers Gaia and nearly a mile of ocean. All of the voices and emotions swirling around Windemere are blocked by the dome, which plunges Gaia into silent isolation.

Gazing at the armies that have gathered around the city, the Baron smiles at how the soldiers shift uneasily. His attention locks on Trinity, his former agent and her warriors closer to Gaia than any of the other forces. Even though the cobalt-skinned channeler cannot see him, he can tell that she has become aware of his presence. Stretching his arm, the warlord decides the traitorous Queen will be the perfect casualty to start the battle and make the others realize that he has arrived. Casting a spell to pulverize every bone in her body, the Baron’s fingertips glow with a golden light that runs down to his palm. He briefly hesitates to kill the young woman whom he once looked upon as a daughter, but the idea of leaving any traitor alive fills him with anger. The immortal begins to utter the final word of his incantation when he hears the portal release a brief popping noise.

“That took less time than I expected,” the Baron says, whirling around to redirect his spell at the champions. His attack soars through empty sky, the blast parting the clouds and silencing the surprised mortals waiting outside of the city. “Very curious, but pointless. Invisibility will not trick me, gypsy girl. Your attempt to hide yourself and the others will fail.”

Without a noise, the griffin swoops around the amphitheater at full speed and heads for the distracted Baron. Nothing more than a brown and tawny blur, the animal leaves billowing dust and debris in her wake. Curling into a ball, she transforms back into Luke, who slams feet first into the warlord’s glassy buckler. The ringing impact jars the half-elf’s legs, but delivers enough force to knock the man over the street and onto a nearby rooftop. Refusing to give the Baron any time to recover, the champion draws his sabers and leaps with a powerful burst of wind against his back. His initial flurry of attacks is blocked by the rapier, which seems to be everywhere at once. Luke rolls to the side and flips onto his hands to kick the Baron in the stomach, the man’s armor making it a pointless strike. The half-elf quickly drops one of his feet onto the immortal’s bent knee and uses the leverage to flip over a series of stabs that would have hit all of his vital organs. Twisting in midair, he rips his saber up his enemy’s spine, but the platemail instantly heals the minor damage.

“I take it you were sent to keep me busy,” the Baron says before spinning around with a wide sweep of his sword. His weapon misses and he is forced to leap away from Pike’s swinging body. The snake fiend turns back into Luke, who uses the motion of his body to plant his feet and lunge at the immortal. “Impressive transformation time and fluid continuation of movement, but I can tell that you are already getting tired. Just a hair slower than you were a few minutes ago. That does not bode well for you, especially if the other champions take much longer. They should have sent someone better suited to face me than the expendable fool.”

Find out who draws first blood in

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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4 Responses to Teaser Tuesday: Freedom #fantasy #adventure

  1. L. Marie says:

    Ah the Baron! Great scene to feature! So exciting!


  2. Exciting scene. I liked the idea of calling out that Luke was just a little slower than when he first engaged. This could play on the mind for sure.


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