How to Analyze your Visitor Data

Nicholas C. Rossis

Google Analytics and your own WordPress Statistics (available through Jetpack, if you’re self-hosted) can be among the most useful book marketing tools. Who visits you and which pages do they frequent the most? Do people find what they’re looking for? How long do they stay?

This is the kind of questions that a simple analysis of your traffic can answer. However, it’s easy enough to get lost among all the jargon. Page views, unique visitors, visits, pages per session… it’s enough to give anyone a headache!

Thankfully, ConnextDigital recently published an Infographic which can serve as the perfect cheatsheet. Bookmark this page and refer to it whenever you wish to remind yourself what bounce rate is and why it matters, or refer to the original post for even more marketing information.

A Useful Web Analytics Glossary

Let’s take a look at what each of the terms found here mean:


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  1. Thank you for the share, Charles 🙂


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