Return of Super Earth

Well, it took a while to unravel all of the stories, but I think I got it.  Had to drop the one story that highlighted a supporting character since I realized he didn’t have the personality to cover his own tale.  Duets and supporting cast work for Borgard, but he just doesn’t flow right as the focus.  He shows up in enough tales to make an impact and earn a spot in the finale anyway.

That part aside, I’ve moved 12 of my 43 story ideas (42 if you don’t count Dawn Addison) to Super Earth.  5 are in their own worlds like Bedlam and Dawn, so that leaves 26 Windemere tales.  14 of those are one-shots/short story collections and the rest are series of various lengths.  Legends of Windemere still takes the top spot with 15 volumes and the only ones that might come close are Sin and Clyde with their 9-10 volumes.  Sin has it a bit easier since I’ll have to pause his series whenever I hit a point where another one has to go to explain the world changes.  His books each have contained tales with a faint meta-plot and it spans a few years, so Elysium and Ruins of the Zodiac Gods have to go either in the middle of his tales or alongside.  Just look at the quote and you’ll get an idea of the chaos in my head.

Anyway, this isn’t about Windemere . . . Well, it wasn’t supposed to.  Guess the last 200+ words say otherwise.  This is to show the split for Super Earth, which didn’t take as many stories away as I expected.  Clyde and the Dawn Fangs couldn’t go back since Mab is in The Mercenary Prince.  I’m leaving the super spy in Windemere because that type of character might benefit more from being in a non-standard spy setting.  So, here we go with the division:

  1. ‘Phoenix‘-  This is the core series of 6 books/story collections that shows the heroes being awoken and getting used to being back in action.  They were put to sleep when the half-demon went berserk and nearly wiped out humanity, so him being back as a hero is a fun plot point.  He went mad when a villain killed his son.  The books are divided as their Awakening, the villains returning, new heroes appearing, monsters appearing out of nowhere, a big enemy from space that they have been preparing for, and then a final book in the aftermath of that one to close up all of the Super Earth stories.  Thinking of having ‘Phoenix’ in each title too.
  2. Savior–  This is my street level hero who stumbles onto a suit and tries to clean up a city of villains.  He has 5 books/collections and he goes through a big evolution.  I’d like to explain more, but that might be spoiler territory.  All I can say is that Savior eventually becomes a symbol more than a hero, which changes his dynamic.
  3. Jack–  Not sure how to explain him.  He’s an unstoppable fighter with a love of ice cream or soda or something sweet.  Haven’t decided.  Nobody knows about his past, but he stumbles into a bodyguard career.  This rolls out of control for a trilogy where he tries his best to not to kill anybody.  Jack is based around the Kenshin and Vash hero type that is very powerful, but refuses to take a life.
  4. Child of the Hunt–  That space bounty hunter who I could never fit into Windemere.  She currently has 5 stories, but I might give her a 6th that involves Earth.  For the most part, she stays in deep space and wouldn’t be joining the other heroes until that final ‘Phoenix’ book.
  5. Protectors–  They were the X-Men type, but now I’m not sure what they are.  This is a single book that shows a bunch of superhumans who have been gathered to protect a psychic child.  It involves a villain who wants her as a vessel and you learn that there is more to these people and their connections than you realize.  I might make this one a trilogy or longer series since it used to have a lot more stories.  Gave it 1 right now because I expected there to be more series in this one.
  6. Starlets–  Another one-shot that involves a girl who has 6 alien warrior princesses in her head.  She transforms into them to fight monsters while they try to find a way to regain their bodies.  This was always a fun, silly one that I need to check my notes on.
  7. Sutyra–  An awakened half-demon, but you don’t want to know what the other half is.  She is out to have fun and enjoy life with her pet human in tow.  Too bad her waking up is an omen for the demonic and angelic forces of Earth.  Another one-shot, but I do really want to write this character.  She’s definitely one of my more confident characters.
  8. Gearhead Princess– I’m on the fence about this one.  Originally, this story was an origin for her, but now she’s in ‘Phoenix’.  Still, I always felt that she needed her own book to handle some personal issues.  Her whole thing is being a mechanical genius who was raised on another planet by sentient computers.  So, she uses a special gun, a battle suit, a high tech motorcycle, and a giant robot.  A lot of toys can come into play with this one, which I look forward to using.
  9. Zombie Girl–  This one forced me to rewrite a Sin ally, but having necromancers and zombies in a hidden society on Earth was too much fun to pass up.  Zombie Girl herself will still be in the same mess with her being a prodigy necromancer turned into a zombie by a cursed object.  I’ll streamline this to a single book since many of her stories were drawn out unnecessarily.
  10. Lords of Hyperscape–  Not really a superhero story since it involves a video game system that puts the players’ minds in the game.  Originally, I was going to have them trapped, but .hack//sign and Sword Art Online did that.  So, I ‘m thinking of doing the ‘rag tag’ team of misfits who are out to claim the championship.  It’ll be hard to do in one book since the game works with a central hub and then you have characters for each of the genre worlds.  Might not be necessary to go into details with their avatars though.
  11. Coven of the Gray–  Witches!  Maybe . . . This was something I came up with after watching Hellboy.  It’s a group that focuses on the mystical side of Earth and the new guy in charge has no idea what’s going on.  He has help from three witches, a seer, a ghost, and a zombie-like creature.  I’m not sure what the plot for this collection will be unless I stick to ‘him getting used to his new role’.  That might be all I need for this.
  12. N.N. W.–  This stands for ‘Ninja Never Wins’ and it’s a series that mocked fighting games, but was always fun to think about.  I’d pick fighters out of a hat to set up the brackets and roll dice to see who wins.  This way, I’d never know who was the winner until I reached the end.  There might still be 6 books to this comedy series with each tournament having different rules like normal, pendants to capture, lethal, women only, duos, and world championship.  For anyone wondering about how it could keep going after lethal, it’s called cloning.  There was going to be a lot of ridiculousness in this one.  Only problem is that I have no idea where the fighter list I had has gone to, so I’ll have to do some digging.

That’s really it for Super Earth.  Sorry about the long post.  I’m still thinking about moving Tome of the Fae here.  They work in Windemere, but maybe they’ll work better as a one shot that focuses on the fairies of Central Park, New York.  Guess it’s a good thing I’ll be thinking this week.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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15 Responses to Return of Super Earth

  1. A pack of work for sure. glad you have it sorted out.


  2. Wow! They all sound like fun! I like Jack though, consider jelly beans too. Or chocolate chip cookies, you can’t go wrong with those, plus you could have a scene where Jack goes crazy because he can’t find his favorite brand of cookies.


    • I’ll have to search my old notes for the original thing. It was based off Vash the Stampede loving donuts. Given his mellow personality, I’m not sure about going crazy. Maybe a few moments where it distracts him from a job or he almost gets bought off with them. Brand obsession is tough if I keep him a global wanderer.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Better to go with jelly beans, I think those are easy to find world wide… although ice cream sandwiches would be interesting too, I have a friend who went to… I think Turkey this year and she said that they were selling ice cream sandwiches made with real bread, that would confuse him a bit, lol.


      • It’s going to depend on how much he travels and how heavy the crutch is. If I go with the Vash version then it’s simply a treat that he always manages to get his hands on. Nothing more than he turns up with them and no questions are asked. I think my aversion to jelly beans stems from something silly too. Nicholas Cage gave Ghost Rider a jelly bean thing in the first movie. Not sure I want to relieve that. 😛 Maybe I should follow my heart and go with pizza then keep it in the States. He can get involved in the NY vs Chicago pizza feud.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Pizza! That’s great! Hey, you could have him fight zombies who cry ‘pizzzzaaaaa’ instead of brains, if you want something funny.
        I’ve never watched Ghost Rider, so I can’t comment on that.


      • First movie was better than the second. I think. I heard horror stories from friends who saw it. Now they refuse to acknowledge its existence.

        I’m hoping to not go very silly with this one. It gets more serious near the end, so going full comedy could hurt that turn.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Dude, I so envy your imagination! Brilliant stuff, all of them 😀


  4. L. Marie says:

    Wow! Do you have these series plans in one notebook, or do you keep separate notebooks for each series?
    Glad to see that Hellboy inspired #11. I watch Hellboy and Hellboy 2 at least once or twice a year.


    • Right now, they’re in various notebooks after different versions. I’m trying to slowly make a single notebook for each division of books. So far, I’ve only completed the one connected to Legends of Windemere. Super Earth will have to wait a while.


  5. Sounds like all your super heroes will keep you pretty busy!


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