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Teaser Tuesday: The Princess General!

Can’t do a bunch of teasers and leave out Lost from War of Nytefall.  This excerpt comes from Eradication, which you can get as a $2.99 eBook or a $12.00 paperback.  This specific scene really shows how much chaos Lost can cause even … Continue reading

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Society Wants You to Hide Your Pain?

Yeah, we’re going to have another week of mental health posts.  I know this is an author blog, but I think touching on these topics is a good thing.  People need to speak out about mental health and have discussions … Continue reading

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Creature Feature #2

Hi, Gang. Craig with you again today to continue my mini-series about creature creation. Last time we talked about combining creatures to come up … Creature Feature #2

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Happy ‘Tell a Fairy Tale’ Day with Sari

So, I saw it was ‘Tell a Fairy Tale Day’ and wanted to do something.  My first thought was to do a bunch of memes.  I was also going to maybe promote an old experiment of mine called The Hopeteller.  That … Continue reading

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Goal Post: End of Winter Break

Just two more days of Winter Break.  So, how did things go?  It really depends on what aspect of my life we look at.  Did things go well as an author?  No . . . No, they did not.  Did … Continue reading

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Dylan’s Diner: Magical Meals for Every Time of Day

Welcome. Do you want a table or a booth?  Just follow me and I’ll get you set up with water and a bread basket.  Here are some menus with explanations of what each of our meals can do.  If you … Continue reading

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Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about using beta readers once the story is written and given a polish. I wrote my first couple of books with no … WRITERS AND BETA READERS

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Poetry Day: Didn’t I Just Bathe You?

(This one is about parenting.  Obviously.  Thankfully, my son was never this destructive in a short amount of time.  He was too meticulous and carefully in his messes.) It has only been ten minutes Since you were rinsed and scrubbed … Continue reading

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How Can Dumb Defeat Smart?

So, we talked about smart characters on Monday.  Today, we’re going to talk about the opposite side of the coin.  Not in how to write them, but in how they can be the ones to come up on top.  Many … Continue reading

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Wednesday – A Look at The Last Drive Reviews.

The reviews for The Last Drive continue to be posted. I appreciate those who take the time to read and review my books. Since Amazon takes a dim view… Wednesday – A Look at The Last Drive Reviews.

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