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It’s Sunday and I’m Tired

I wanted to do an animal post.  Just couldn’t choose one off the list.  Then, I kept doing other stuff like paperback formatting, January posts, parenting, sleeping, resting, and this day caught up to me.  So, here are some Sunday … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Thanksgiving Past and Present

The holiday is almost over.  I say almost because we’re doing Thanksgiving today since this is my year with my son.  It’s okay.  As long as family gets together for food.  This has always been an average holiday for me … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Summoners and the Summoned

We’ll see how this goes.  I couldn’t think of another way to end this topic since it’s fairly simple until you get into specific details.  Let’s try to answer questions from both sides of the coin here. How would you … Continue reading

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Let’s learn from a case study

Hi, Gang. Craig with you again today. On occasion, I like to do a case study because authors can learn some things. You should all know by now that I… Let’s learn from a case study

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Happy Thanksgiving Memes

The title says it all.  Enjoy these funnies while you either celebrate the holiday or wonder why Americans need a holiday to overeat.  To be fair, we also need this holiday to maintain our traditions of family tensions and mental … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using Summoned Characters

Summons can fall into two categories.  One is filled with beasts that follow orders and usually appear for a specific, temporary purpose.  They are summoned multiple times as they are needed.  The other category is where you would find characters … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello, SE’ers. It’s Jan here today. Because we are on the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S., there will be no regular post from me today. … Happy Thanksgiving!

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Guest Post – Harmony Kent – #newbook Sorrowful Soul

Today I am very happy to host a fellow Story Empire contributor and friend, Harmony Kent. She is here to share information about her latest book of … Guest Post – Harmony Kent – #newbook Sorrowful Soul

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Author Month: The Funniest Oops

This one will be pretty easy.  We all make mistakes.  Some typos are memorable and haunt us for the rest of our lives.  Others are easily forgotten.  Clearly, it’s more fun to talk about the first category. So, what are … Continue reading

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The Tradition of Summoning Servants

In fantasy, it’s fairly common for servants to be summoned.  It could be for battle, healing, terrorizing, and the list keeps going.  You see it in books, cartoons, and video games with a countless number of systems.  The methods to … Continue reading

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