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Goal Post: First Day of the Post-Camp Break

Where to even begin with this week? Leaving the personal drama out, I made it about halfway through before my body decided it had enough.  My mind agreed and proceeded to get distracted by shiny objects as long as I … Continue reading

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Can a Tower Princess Be Strong?

Another big trope that has been loathed by many is the ‘Tower Princess’. While not always involving a tower, this is a female character who has been locked up.  She is the prize for the male hero after he finishes … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: Breasts and Blood

(I remember this one causing a small uproar.  I’ve made posts about this topic too.  Boils to down to a simple fact.  Society glorifies violence and death while demonizing sex and nudity, which is how you make more life.  I’m … Continue reading

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Being the Chosen One is a Curse

One of the most common tropes in fiction is the ‘Chosen One’. This is a character who is destined to go on the adventure and, many times, win.  This trope traditionally removes all tension once it’s revealed.  It’s only in … Continue reading

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Writing Chapter One – Tips

Greetings, Storytellers! Diana here today. I hope you’re all writing up a storm. I’ve wanted to write about first chapters for a while, primarily … Writing Chapter One – Tips

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Teaser Tuesday: The Calm of Clouds

It’s another conversation teaser.  Really hope people are enjoying these since I want to establish Darwin and his relationships.  The big one is with his cousin who also acts like a big brother and protector.  I loved how their relationship … Continue reading

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We’re All Different

Originally posted on Seymour Stories:
This started out as a reply to a blog post on Legends of Windemere (Writing Characters from Maligned and Abused Groups), but it struck a chord with me, and I ended up writing my own…

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Perspectives of Tropes

We all know this topic since I touch on it from time to time.  For those who don’t know, tropes are things that are used very often in a genre.  They are similar to clichés, but not always seen as … Continue reading

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Author Growth

Hello, SEers, and welcome to another Mae Day on Story Empire. Let’s chat writer growth.  Last winter, a local newspaper featured me in an article. I … Author Growth

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The Coatimundi: Arboreally Adorable

What is a coati or coatimundi? This omnivore is found in North, Central, and South America.  They’re a relative of the raccoon, but they’re diurnal (daytime) instead of nocturnal.  You’ll see in the pictures that they have long tails, which … Continue reading

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