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Poetry Day: Blame a Generation

(Picture has nothing to do with this.  Pretty sure this may ruffle feathers though.  The generation war has gotten worse since I wrote the poem in 2011.  Though, I still stand by a big part of it.  Feel like my … Continue reading

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Start of Summer Memes

I’m being lazy.  Enjoying the start of summer break here.  Have some laughs and we’ll meet up tomorrow for a rough poem.  All images found with a Google Image Search.

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Check This Out: Coming Up Short

With me on the blog today is the fabulous Laurie Morrison, who is here to talk about her latest middle grade novel, Coming Up Short, released on June… Check This Out: Coming Up Short

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Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about an exciting and stressful time, getting a book ready for release. After you receive your book back from beta … WRITING AND PRE-RELEASE DAY CHECKLIST

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The Knuckleheads Tour with Dan Antion #Newbook

Today I am very excited to welcome Dan Antion to Fiction Favorites. Dan is a blogging buddy with one of the most successful blogs, No Facilities. He … The Knuckleheads Tour with Dan Antion #Newbook

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Happy National Tapioca Day! (It was either this or Insurance Awareness Day)

Eat while enjoying the action adventure of Legends of Windemere 1-15 for $2.99/volume.  Volume 1 is FREE! OR Skip the pudding and go right to the fang-filled fun of War of Nytefall 1-8 for $2.99/volume!

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My Summer Plans

It’s the first weekday since my Summer Vacation started.  I was thinking of getting a summer job, but I thought better.  This school year was tough and the chronic health issues I ended up battling at random intervals didn’t help.  … Continue reading

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The Five Monotremes: Yes, These are Real Animals

Monotreme–  an egg-laying mammal I’m pretty sure everyone just thought of a specific one.  Yet, there are five species.  One is the platypus and the other four are types of echidna.  All are listed as critically endangered due to habitat … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Summer Break Has Begun

Well . . . Here we are. Yesterday was the last day of the 2021-2022 school year.  I survived in technically one piece.  My son did great as far as his grades go.  Things have been cleaned up and the … Continue reading

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Last Day of School Memes

Yup.  Last day of school here.  Get 2 months of relaxing bef . . . We all know I’m not going to be relaxing.  I’ve got 2 months to write 1-2 books, spend time with my son, exercise, hydrate, and … Continue reading

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