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Goal Post: This Week Didn’t Go as Planned

I don’t even want to see what I had planned for weekly goals.  Partially because I can’t fix that post, which is very narrow.  This is apparently what happens when I use the blocks or whatever WordPress forced upon us.  … Continue reading

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A Multi-Monster Army: Does It Work?

The simple answer is: Yes. The more complicated answer is: Yes if certain requirements are met. Keep in mind that monsters are typically seen as primal and destructive.  If they’re marching as a massive group then the reason is usually … Continue reading

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Crafting Rich Characters (Part 5)

Greetings Storytellers! We’re off to Part 5 of Crafting Rich Characters, the final installment of this series. In Part 1, we explored a character’s … Crafting Rich Characters (Part 5)

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Poetry Day: Ash Man

(Better believe this is about more than a man made of ashes.  Pretty obvious too.) Pieces floating off With every gentle breeze Disappearing in the dark A gradual erosion Of a body made from ash Crinkling with every step Causing … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using a Monster Army in Fiction

Monster armies marching on a village or being intercepted in the wild is a fairly common set piece for fantasy and science fiction.  From the outside, it seems like it’s a simply obstacle to create and use.  Monsters rush forward, … Continue reading

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Literary Agent Resources #agentqueries #queryingforrepresentation

Hi, SEers! Mae here. Last month I shared tips on how to write a query letter for agent representation. You can find that post HERE. Today, I’d like … Literary Agent Resources #agentqueries #queryingforrepresentation

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A Call for Beta Readers for the Sequel of Eternal Road – The final stop

Photo by Library of Congress on Unsplash John wants you as a beta reader The sequel to Eternal Road – The final stop, is now ready for the excellent … A Call for Beta Readers for the Sequel of Eternal … Continue reading

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Happy Richter Scale Day! (Enjoy with an Inventive $2.99 eBook!)

Make a break for this tale about inventions and magic gone wrong, Legends of Windemere: The Merchant of Nevra Coil!

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Elite of the Monster Races

Ever play a video game or read a story with monsters when a ‘special’ type of a common species turns up?  If not then there really isn’t much more to explain.  Heroes run into an elite version of a common … Continue reading

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Giant Pandas: So Cute!

While in DC, I saw giant pandas. Of course, I took pictures and a video. Enjoy and check out the WWF page for information on pandas. You can also adopt one. (Doing this by phone again. Hope it works.)

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