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When Characters Explain Things: Yay or Nay?

Two anime that I’ve watched had an interesting story device.  One of them was ‘Dr. Stone’ where the hero is using science to solve problems and revive a world turned entirely to stone.  The other is ‘Food Wars’ where everyone … Continue reading

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Story Development and Execution Part 3: Character

Ciao, SEers. As we bring February to a close, we reach part three of this series: characters. SE has quite a few posts on the topic. (Joan has a … Story Development and Execution Part 3: Character

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Last Day of Winter Break!

I’m lazy.  Want to hold onto the lazy for as long as possible.  So, enjoy a bunch of Winter Break memes.  All found by a Yahoo Image Search.

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A Restful Break . . . Sorry. That Should Be ‘Restless’

Maybe breaks are wasted on me.  I keep ending up getting busy and leaving myself more exhausted than when I started.  At least I can say that I used up my energy doing a bunch of fun things.  So, what … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Writing Songs

I couldn’t do this week’s topic without showing some songs that I will put on when I need some inspiration.  That or I have trouble with a scene and they can help me get through the issue.  I’ve been using … Continue reading

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Blogging Etiquette

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. Most independent, and even some traditionally published writers, are also bloggers. A blog is a great way to … Blogging Etiquette

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Heck of a deal! #freebook #murder #mystery

Hey, everyone. A couple of years ago I got an invitation to contribute to an anthology of murder mysteries. This is a little outside my orbit, but … Heck of a deal! #freebook #murder #mystery

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Poetry Day: Aestus

(I stumbled onto the word ‘Aestus’ and decided to use it.  I believe it was part of a series where I took various emotions and personified them.  First one was a ‘Fear’ poem I made in high school with the … Continue reading

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Writing a Query Letter #agentqueries #literaryqueries

Hi, SEers. Mae here today to discuss a topic that usually makes authors cringe. There are two things I despise writing—a book synopsis, and a query … Writing a Query Letter #agentqueries #literaryqueries

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Some Tips to Having Music Play While You Work

I was rather surprised years ago when people asked me how I can listen to music while I write.  They assumed it was a distraction or hurt my progress.  Yet, I’ve always done it and never suffered.  Other things got … Continue reading

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