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Would You Buy This Book?

Hey, SE Readers. Joan with you today. We’ve already reached the end of January, but I hope your year is off to a good start. It goes without saying … Would You Buy This Book?

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#1 Post of 2021: What is Plot Armor?

(Post originally published July 5, 2021.  That was a leap.  Guess things died once the summer started.) I was surprised when I ran into people who had never heard of ‘Plot Armor’.  It’s been around for a while and gets … Continue reading

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99 Cents or $2.99? Does It Matter Anymore?

This is really just a simple post for me to think out loud.  Won’t even be that long and I’ll be away from my computer for most of the day.  So, I’ll be checking comments, but not replying until the … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Snow!

We’re getting hit by a Nor’easter here, which we never seem to be ready for.  It always makes people nervous.  Part of it is because clearing roads is always a pain and you kind of need to drive if you … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: Casual First Kill

I have a small pet peeve that comes up from time to time.  Not sure if this bugs other people since we tend to think of killing in action movies as normal.  Yet, how normal should it be for a … Continue reading

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Poetry Day: A Life Less Stressed

(Well, this dream didn’t come true.  Though, I’ve learned that a lot of people feel the same way.  That’s a shame.) I dream And pray For a life less stressed * Where sleeping Does not require medicine Or pure exhaustion … Continue reading

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Alternate Dimensions vs Time Travel

A while back, I finished watching the above anime and something got stuck in my head due to the plot.  I apologize in advance for spoilers, so don’t keep reading if you think you’re going to give this show a … Continue reading

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Hi SEers! Denise here to talk about writing what you know. This may be advice you’ve received as a writer. I know I heard it in writing classes and … WRITING AND WHAT YOU KNOW

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Teaser Tuesday: Cornered Diplomacy

This is going to be the last War of Nytefall: Eulogy teaser for a while.  I wanted to end with part of the peace talks scenes.  Give Alexis Nucian time to shine.  Again, this was really tough because there were spoilers everywhere … Continue reading

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A Mind-Bending Trip: John W. Howell’s Eternal Road #BookReview

Originally posted on The Indie Spot!: Book Blurb: James Wainwright picks up a hitchhiker and discovers two things 1. The woman he picks up is his … A Mind-Bending Trip: John W. Howell’s Eternal Road #BookReview

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