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Teaser Tuesday: Building a New Steed

Today, we’re going to focus on Bob . . . Not as easy as I would like.  He’s a fun character to write, but he works best when used sparingly.  Also, best when he’s with other characters who act as … Continue reading

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New Release! “Wreck of the Lanterfish” by C. S. Boyack @Virgilante #newrelease #whattoread #writingcommunity #mustread

D. L. Finn is a wonderful author and one of my Story Empire colleagues. She’s generously offered to lend me her site today to talk about Wreck of the… New Release! “Wreck of the Lanterfish” by C. S. Boyack @Virgilante … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Filling in the Lost History of The World

In the manga/anime of ‘One Piece’, there’s a character named Nico Robin.  Her goal is to find these large blocks of stone called Poneglyphs.  They tell a variety of things, but there’s one that is supposed to hold a span … Continue reading

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Happy Hanukkah 2021! (Nope. I’m Not Early.)

Needless to say, I was shocked when I checked a calendar and saw Hanukkah started November 28th and went until December 6th.  Guess we’re really trying to escape the gravitation pull of Christmas this year.  Anyway, enjoy some funnies while … Continue reading

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Goal Post: Guess I’ll Try Again Next Week

First: War of Nytefall: Eulogy will be released next weekend. Email to volunteers will be sent Friday evening. Well, that’s pretty much the extent of my writing progress this week.  I tried to use last Sunday to design the 4 … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Using Flight in Fiction

From the picture above, you can see how many ways there are to fly. Wings, flying mount, technology, wind, magic, simply going, and the list continues.  It’s probably one of, if not THE, most common and popular special ability in … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving . . . I Think

Time for holiday funnies because I’m busy with family.  Either interacting with them or hiding under the bed from them.  Could be both at times.

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7 Tips to Using Intangibility in Fiction

This is a power that fascinated me when I was younger, but I stopped paying attention to it as I got older.  Intangibility is what it sounds like.  A person can pass through objects like a ghost.  It seems simple … Continue reading

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I’m on the Voice of Indie Podcast

Something to be thankful for: if you’ve missed my nuggets of wisdom and anecdotes from Greece and Scotland, don’t despair. I was invited over at the … I’m on the Voice of Indie Podcast

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Messy Middles and Mystery Boxes

Ciao, SEers! Back in 2018, I gave a brief overview of story middles, touching on scenes and sequels and covering the falling and rising actions … Messy Middles and Mystery Boxes

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