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Of Poetry

Rhymes and rhythm With on music Beyond the inner beats Of those who read * Flowing of words With no reason Other than beauty And revelations * Some are rigid Others are wild In both form And focus * Poems … Continue reading

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Don’t Talk Like That: Quotes and Paragraphs

Hi SErs! Harmony here 🙂 Today, I’d like to take another look at dialogue. Because this is such a large topic, I have spread the topic over a few … Don’t Talk Like That: Quotes and Paragraphs

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Still Scratching My Head on Darwin

Just picked a random picture for this post, which connects to the weekly subject of autism.  Last year, I mentioned that I might be creating an autistic character because I noticed he had similar behaviors to my son.  To be … Continue reading

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Goal Post: The End of May Already?

One more month of the school year.  More importantly, the schedule goes back to the normal one this coming week.  Last time my son and I had this schedule was February 2020.  Things got shaky in March and then the … Continue reading

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The Pros and Cons of Power Levels

Sticking to the theme here, which is really turning into a pseudo-analysis of the Dragon Ball system.  We did energy attacks and powering up, but another thing that comes about are the power levels.  Once Dragon Ball Z showed up, … Continue reading

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Hidden Diversity Among Writers

Hi SE friends! Gwen with you today, and we’re going to explore another element of typology as it relates to writing. You may recall that my prior two… Hidden Diversity Among Writers

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Random Mental Health Quotes and Stuff

Yeah. I forgot to set up an Immortal Wars post. So I rushed and scheduled this over breakfast. Oops. Also making block-based posts on the WordPress app is an utter nightmare. (Looks like it didn’t work. I’ll fix it when … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Having Characters Power Up

There are plenty of jokes about the powering up sequences in Dragon Ball Z.  Some took a few episodes because they opened the door for flashbacks.  Others occurred and it didn’t make a difference.  Still, there’s some use in having … Continue reading

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Teaser Tuesday: Dark Mistress Primeval #vampires #fantasy

Going to be a little risky with this final War of Nytefall: Savagery teaser.  I wanted to include a battle, but nearly all of them are plot central.  They either reveal a secret of Mestra or the fate of a character.  This … Continue reading

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What Exactly is an Energy Attack?

My son and I started watching Dragon Ball a few months back.  This got me thinking about energy attacks and the overall power structure that was introduced in this series.  Also, how it differs from what I use: I work … Continue reading

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