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Returning the Favor in Fiction and Reality

I was watching anime with my son when I noticed that there was a theme that popped up a bunch.  Not in one episode, but in various series.  It isn’t one that I’ve ever considered or seen much about, so … Continue reading

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Lost or Stolen Opportunities

I was going to be more upbeat today, but I got a thought stuck in my head.  I couldn’t shake it loose.  You ever have an opportunity that passed you by?  We all do.  Maybe we missed it because we … Continue reading

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Reading Is the Key to Learning

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
This is a guest post by Garima Aggarwal. Garima is an aspiring content writer working for TABSCAP. Coming from a journalism background, she has been into content writing for 2 years and is passionate…

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Goal Post: Thanksgiving Came and Went!

This week was totally berserk.  Every day had a twist that turned all plans on their heads and made me wondering what was coming next.  Some of these incidents were caused by Covid-19, which I think is getting worse around … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Being the Author You Were Meant to Be

It’s difficult to be an author and carve out your own identity.  There are industry standards, armies of gatekeepers, lengthy histories of each genre, and the constantly gnawing self-doubt.  A negative opinion on our style can hit harder than 100 … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving Funnies

I’m actually setting this post up in July.  Hey, I should be in the middle of Grad School, parenting, working, and sleeping an hour a day, so it had to be done.  Also, I’m curious to see how Thanksgiving works … Continue reading

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Writing it My Way

I stand at a crossroads Unsure of the true path Having thousands Laying at my feet Yet none of them Feel right * I see many in the distance Waving and calling Saying their path is best Created on their … Continue reading

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Music of Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero

Well, I did these for War of Nytefall and people seemed to enjoy them.  Needing to give Teaser Tuesday a break, it might be fun to do my other series.  Here we have 3 songs that make me think of Legends of … Continue reading

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The Overlapping of Genres and Styles

This is kind of carrying over from the ‘rules’ of writing posts from last week.  It got me thinking about this blog and how people perceive it.  Not the promotional stuff or the comedic things like Ye Olde Shoppe.  I’m … Continue reading

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The Spread of English

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Ivy Panda has created a World Map Timelapse of the spread of the English language from the 5th century to date. You can watch it in its entirety below or click on the links…

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