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Good-Bye, 2019 . . . Don’t Give 2020 Any Ideas

I think I use Frodo up there a lot more than I realize.  Anyway, it’s the end of 2019 and . . . Okay, I’m writing this on October 20th, 2019 because I want to end the year writing War of … Continue reading

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Women in the Lead

Women in the driver’s seat Bathed in the spotlight For more than romance Or to be a victim And nothing more than that * They fight like a hero Make mistakes like humans And get up when they fall Because … Continue reading

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Music Videos for My 2019

So, I wasn’t really sure what to do here.  Most people are enjoying the last weekend of 2019 and I’m probably doing the same.  I don’t know.  Working on this on Monday because I plan on writing the whole week … Continue reading

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Final Goal Post of 2019: Ending on a Break

(Maybe I used this video before recently, but I really like the song. Began rewatching the series during lunch this week.) Well, here we are. Staring at the end of the 20 teens and about to step foot into the … Continue reading

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Author Catch-Up – Francis H Powell

Originally posted on Library of Erana:
Welcome back to author Francis H Powell – please tell us your news. ? My big important news in recent times, is that after a long wait, my new book Adventures of Death, Reincarnation…

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Can You Recover From A Google Algorithm Update? – by Derek Haines…

Originally posted on Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog:
on Just Publishing Advice: For many bloggers, a Google Update can come as a nasty shock. You might have been sailing along for years with steady increases in your organic…

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Pantser Vs Plotter: Where Do You Stand?

I was asked months ago to write about the difference between Pantsing and Plotting, which are considered the two schools of author prep.  The truth is that most people are a combination of the two with more of one than … Continue reading

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