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The Teeter Totter of Life

I have been trying really hard to develop a life balance.  Many have pointed out that my world has been turned upside down in every aspect.  There are only so many hours in the day too, so priorities have to … Continue reading

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A Heaven for Toasters: Chapter 5

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
After relaunching A Heaven for Toasters, complete with new cover, I promised to publish it here in installments.  Note: You can find a link to all published chapters at the end of this post…

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Conversations With Colleen: Meet Author, Laura Sansom, @louboop

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Here Be Magic Bundle – on preorder now #Magic #Bundles #fantasy

Originally posted on Library of Erana:
Here Be Magic Bundle – available 4th August 2019 Magic invites . . . Curses and blessing, sorcerous time travel, shape-shifters, hidden enchantment and corrupted blood. Magic demands . . . Saving those you love, courage, betrayal and fights against…

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Teaser Tuesday: Enter the Princess General #fantasy #vampires

I always enjoyed this debut from War of Nytefall: Lost.  I noticed that this volume gets more love than the others.  People seem to really like Lost as a character, so I like giving her nods at times.  Enjoy her first … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Robo-Depot! Buy 2 Clamp Hands and Get a Free Death Beam!

Come on in and take a look around. We have every type of robot that you can imagine thanks to our top engineers.  First of all, I must inform you that we only deal in robots and lack the licensing … Continue reading

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Superhero Birthday

So, I let my son pick pictures of superheroes to post on his birthday.  He tried to go for every hero and villain he ever heard of, so it took some convincing to get him to stick with his favorites.  … Continue reading

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Broken Pencil = A Bad Omen

So, I’ve been carrying a notebook, mechanical pencil, and eraser with me to work.  I’ve never had a chance to use it since I’m always busy.  Don’t make it known either because people then ask me to tear pages out.  … Continue reading

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Infographic: Writing tips from famous authors

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
Ages ago, I shared with you some of J.K. Rowling’s writing tips. Today, I’m sharing some more great tips from 12 famous authors. I hope they help inspire your writing! Many thanks to Lucy…

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Ode to the Single Father

Woman are naturally better Men can’t do it alone You don’t know what you’re doing Movies make us the butt of jokes Bungling at home Lacking of common sense And lucky to avoid destruction Desperately seeking a mate To take … Continue reading

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