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Raven’s Game Part 31 #horror #Halloween #thriller

“Pssst. Wakey wakey, kitty,” Dawn whispers from the shadows. Her silhouette remains at the foot of the bed where the single light is unable to reach. “You’re not going to let this ruin our game. Especially since we’ve hit a … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween 

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween.  Doing this by phone so I hope the links come up as videos. (They didn’t, so I’ll have to do a fix.)  

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The Last Day of October

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
Hey all, it’s Nevada Day. We used to get the day off from school and everything when I was a kid. Of course, I grew up in Nevada. It’s also Halloween, of course. Do you…

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Raven’s Game Part 30 #horror #Halloween #thriller

“Welcome back to the land of the living, Detective Cook.” Gemma’s eyes open to see that she is in a hospital room, the walls a different color than the one in Heaven’s Nest. At first, she thinks Dawn has merely … Continue reading

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A Final Piece to the Final Act?

One thing I’m trying to figure out with Legends of Windemere: Warlord of the Forgotten Age is the acknowledgement and thanks page.  Do I do one?  If so, where do I put it?  How long should it be and who should … Continue reading

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A Pocket Full of Poesies – A Review

Originally posted on Color me in Cyanide and Cherry:
“A Pocket Full of Poesies” is a poetry book by a writer and dear friend, T. J. Therien, and I had the honor of receiving a promotional copy of it, with…

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5 Tips For Growing Your Blog

Originally posted on Dan Alatorre:
your humble host I know you hate stats but… don’t let all the bar charts fool you, this is a good post. And funny. Read it. If you don’t track what you’re doing, how do…

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Raven’s Game Part 29 #horror #Halloween #thriller

The platform stops at the penthouse and tilts to gently slide Gemma through the open doorway. She finds herself standing in a narrow room with a single door that is made of dented metal and a small, frosted window. A … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Home Stretch: Final First Draft

For the 2’s of people that have stuck with me this month, Raven’s Game will be ending on the 31st.  Hope people have been enjoying it.  Having the late day post has certainly helped me clear up time during the day … Continue reading

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Raven’s Game Part 28 #horror #Halloween #thriller

“I hope you realize that shooting her might not work,” Max says as he looms out of the solid wall. The yellow-tinted ghost scratches at the gash across his throat, which drips harmless, star-like blood. “You only have two choices, … Continue reading

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