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Fizzle’s 10 Favorite Apples of Windemere

Fizzle want make post, but told to be happy and not sad.  Many things make Fizzle happy like friends, forest, and belly rubs.  Fizzle talk about most favorite food.  These are most delicious apples: Red Yummies–  These most common apples … Continue reading

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The Return of Dawn Addison: One Day Left

Tomorrow night starts the month long posting of Raven’s Game, which is the sequel to last year’s Raven’s Hold.  There won’t be much else throughout October aside from a Monday fun post and the goal posts.  Fingers are crossed that … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Your Thoughts on the Indie Scene of Today

Here we go from last Thursday.  I may have asked this a while back, but it doesn’t hurt to open the floor again.  Feels like the publishing world is always changing, which means our opinions are changing as well.  Some … Continue reading

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The Book of Lost Door, on Lisa Burton Radio

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
Don’t touch that dial, you’ve landed at Lisa Burton Radio, the show where we bring you the fictional characters you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and my guest to day is Dr.…

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The Curse Hut: Putting a Hex on Your Ex

So, what do you want?  We work with curses, so being friendly isn’t something we’re used to.  You’re not a Paladin, are you?  Okay, guess finding this place helps too.  Yes, I know this is a kiosk in the middle … Continue reading

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20 Questions with Eden Baylee

Originally posted on Author Don Massenzio:
Today we sit down with author and blogger Eden Baylee. She is going to share a bit about her work, inspiration and a little about herself. I hope you enjoy this installment of 20…

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Book Promo – Read ‘Love, Now and Then’ for 99c / 99p from 28th Sept to 5th Oct…

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