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Questions 3: Changed By Fiction

Books have power.  Things are as simple as that.  You read a book and it can change you even in a minor way.  Maybe just a smile whenever you think of a favorite scene or a curse when you remember … Continue reading

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Lisa Burton Radio, now with Goblins

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
? Welcome to today’s edition of Lisa Burton Radio. I’m your host, Lisa Burton, the robot girl. We have a very special guest with us today, Talla the goblin girl. Today’s show is sponsored by…

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7 Signs You’ve Gone Too Far With Your Advertising

A big chunk of an indie author’s life is promoting their books.  Whether it’s available or about to come out, you need to spread the word.  Yet, sometimes an author might go too far and things begin to unravel.  At … Continue reading

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Fan Art from Kayla Matt: The Frozen Blades & a Tag Along

Final day of fan art and we’re going with Delvin’s old mercenary crew, The Frozen Blades. Teaser Tuesday will be back in April.  Enjoy more Windemere fan art from Kayla Matt! Check out Kayla on: Her Website Welcome to Hell Bent Facebook … Continue reading

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Fragile Muse

Our spirit of inspiration Gentle pixie on our shoulder With her ink-stained wings And body cloaked in paint Flitting on the edge of thought Heard just enough to guide our dreams Her power is at our cores Dwelling in our … Continue reading

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One Day I’ll Make These Posts about Goals . . . Not Today

Okay, I understand I’ve been turning this into a weekly rant.  This is really the only place I put aside for life stuff, so crap tends to come out.  This week isn’t any different and I’m going to be trying … Continue reading

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Belated Saturday Round Up – Texas sunrises, Spanish Sunsets and Magic lamps

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Guest Post: Lisa Burton Talks About Magi-Tech

Today I have a special treat for everyone.  C.S Boyack’s lovely assistant, Lisa Burton, is touring blogs to promote his latest book: The Playground.  She is here to give her opinion on the combination of magic and technology.  As a very … Continue reading

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Cyanide & Cherries, with cake!

Originally posted on Color me in Cyanide and Cherry:
Greetings everyone! Today, I am turning 26 (feels like 96, if you ask me!), and to celebrate, my book, “Colour Me In Cyanide & Cherries” will be on a huge discount…

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Ye Olde Super Henchman Shoppe

Welcome to my store.  So, are you here to recruit or upgrade someone?  Sorry, I have to ask even if you have a minion behind him.  Never know if he’s a bodyguard, chauffeur, or a snack.  Well, put this young … Continue reading

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