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A Week of Aches, Pains, & Progress

I started the week with a brutalized lower back because my snow shoveling technique is self-destructive.  Limped through the Tribe of the Snow Tiger edits while using a heating pad and stretching.  Now I’m finishing up another round of edits on Crossing Bedlam … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Open House – Meet Non-Fiction Author D.G. Kaye

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Author’s Monkey Mind

A long exhausting day Where the mind wanders Distractions yanking it  away So progress takes a hit Just like the friggin’ phone Mourning lost time The author crawls into the cot Pillow stealing muscles’ strength Blanket tickling at his nose … Continue reading

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Brothers in Arms

Originally posted on Melissa Barker-Simpson:
I know I said I would do a cover reveal, but time ran away from me and I just couldn’t keep up! So this is a cover reveal and an announcement that Brother in Arms…

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23 Short Story Competitions in 2016…

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Origin of Lloyd Tenay

(SPECIAL PICTURE AT THE BOTTOM!  I’m sure I just made everyone skip the post.) Lloyd Tenay is the serial killer that Cassidy frees and has as a partner during Crossing Bedlam.  He has a strange origin for both his name and … Continue reading

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Call for Beta Readers

Originally posted on Fiction Favorites:
UNCLE JOHN NEEDS YOU FOR A BETA READ I am currently at a point with the third book in the John Cannon thriller trilogy where I would appreciate some input from beta readers. As you…

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Questions 3: Changing for the Sake of Changing

These questions stem from two things.  One is that I’m editing and that requires making changes.  The other is that I accidentally clicked on the link that led me to the ‘new’ WordPress post maker.  This thing is terrible.  I … Continue reading

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New Book Fanfare – Poetry – Lost in the labyrinth of my mind by Kevin Morris

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Musiville Needs Your Love: Free Download

Musiville, the second children’s book in the award-winning Niditales series created by Dimitris Fousekis and me, will be free between January 27th and 31st on Amazon. This is to to encourage … Source: Musiville Needs Your Love: Free Download

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