Questions 3: Holiday Edition



I don’t have much faith in people being around the Internet today.  That makes my noon post a little iffy, but it’s for a Kindle Countdown that will continue through the weekend.  In case you’re wondering:

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Now for the holiday questions:

  1. Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
  2. If you could wish for one thing this holiday season, what would it be?
  3. What’s the one thing you would change about this time of year?

I’m going to actually answer these this time:

  1. Yes.  Being Jewish, it’s the first time I made latkas on my own after moving out.  Caught my knuckles on the potato grater, burned myself with the hot oil, and set off the fire alarm.  Still came out great.
  2. For everyone who had a bad year to end 2015 on a spark of happiness.  Whether this be a random act of kindness, a surprise visit from loved ones, or whatever will help people who are down gain a smile.
  3. The reason for this question is because for the last couple of years, I’ve seen so much negativity and rudeness leading into the holidays.  That’s the thing that I’d like to change even though it denies people’s free will.  I grew up being told that Christmas was about kindness and generosity, so, as an outsider, that’s the basis I continue to work with.  Yet, time and again, I’ve witnessed some hateful acts like shoving elderly out of line at the market, insulting someone who follows another religion, and the always ‘entertaining’ Internet hate war.  It doesn’t feel like the holiday holds the same magic.  Maybe it’s because I’m more aware and the Internet creates a constant flow of the hate instead of me only seeing what’s around my real world vicinity.  Anyway, I would try to get humanity to stop being angry and hateful for just one day.  (Sounds rather naive and childish when I read that out loud.)

There might be a special ‘Questions 3’ over the weekend since I won’t be releasing The MERCENARY PRINCE until next week.  Yes, it’s because I had one set up to connect to the Tuesday post and didn’t realize the timing.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

About Charles Yallowitz

Charles E. Yallowitz was born, raised, and educated in New York. Then he spent a few years in Florida, realized his fear of alligators, and moved back to the Empire State. When he isn't working hard on his epic fantasy stories, Charles can be found cooking or going on whatever adventure his son has planned for the day. 'Legends of Windemere' is his first series, but it certainly won't be his last.
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14 Responses to Questions 3: Holiday Edition

  1. I have a few minutes before I have to pull one more shift.

    1. Big Christmas breakfasts with extended family as a kid. We saw folks we didn’t see regularly, compared loot with cousins, all played games together. Most of them are gone now.

    2. A little wisdom would help. I work on my writing projects with a limited budget, but can do much if I choose the right things to spend it on. I would wish for a bit of wisdom for everyone else too.

    3. I would reduce the commercialism. I think people should be allowed time off with family, and should be content without going into hock.

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    • 1. That sounds like fun. Sad to hear they aren’t around any more.

      2. Good one. I’m in the same boat and I’d love to have insight into what’s really worth the money.

      3. Fully agree. I understand someone working if they don’t celebrate the holiday, but that rarely seems to be the case. I make the joke that every retail and food place should have a few Jews to work the Christian holidays, but that actually isn’t a bad idea. 🙂

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  2. Oloriel says:

    Happy Holidays, Charles!

    1. Yes, and it might sound weird, but it was not being there with my family. A friend of mine told me a Serbian superstition that wherever you spend Christmas, is where you will spend the entirety of the year. So we would traditionaly spend it together with rest of misfits and broken family kids in the local video game house. I miss those times of being that innocent, that stupid, huddled with other people like me 2 meters in a bunker underground, everything smelling like pljeskavica (the serbian burger), melted snow and burnt plastic.

    2.Personal : that somebody gives me, like, a real job! Global: less stress, more joy and more eagerness to let love into our lives.

    3.The commercialism, so many tacky ornaments and fake discounts for useless merchandise, the desecration of the emotional part of the holiday spirit.


    • 1. I’m very curious about this video game house now. I know what arcades are (were) like around here, but that sounds very different. Probably because you mentioned an underground bunker. Nothing stupid about the superstition though. One can see how it works in that you hope for a stable life with the same people.

      2. I hope you get a real job too. Be really nice for humanity to have a mass release of stress . . . that doesn’t sound right for some reason.

      3. Seems to get worse every year. When I worked retail, I really got to see the desecration part in action, which is probably why I had that little rant. I thought it was mostly America that did it though.


  3. L. Marie says:

    I enjoyed your answers, Charles. Before I take off for the holidays, here are my answers:
    1. Do you have a favorite holiday memory?
    When my brother and his family lived in San Diego, I would fly out to see them at Christmas every year. My niece and nephew were small then. We would go to Disneyland on Christmas Eve and hang out there all day. We’d get home close to midnight. While the kids went to be, my brother, sister-in-law, and I would put the kids’ Christmas gifts under the tree (or put them together if assembly was required).

    I also have fond memories of the Christmases spent with my immediate family and the relatives who would drop by. I would request a board game every year, which we would play. I also asked for a Stephen King novel or some other novel every year. (Yes, I read adult novels when I was a kid.)

    2. If you could wish for one thing this holiday season, what would it be?
    No stress. I’ve had enough of it this year and know several people who would agree. I have friends who have lost their jobs recently or suffered other losses. This has been a really tough year.

    3. What’s the one thing you would change about this time of year?
    The hype about gifts, especially the constant stream of commercials about buying high-ticket gifts. Don’t get me wrong. I love giving gifts. But when you don’t have the money or you know others who don’t have it, the pressure to give gifts creates stress.

    I saw a news story about a woman who spent thousands of dollars on gifts, then posted the picture of the mountain of gifts on Facebook. I’m not sure why she chose to post the photo, but it made a lot of people angry. Granted, she has the right to post whatever she wants. But the results were divisive.


    • 1. Sounds like a lot of fun. Kind of traditional too, which is cool. I imagine the board game collection got pretty big after a while.

      2. This year seems to be very big on stress, loss, and negativity. Not sure what it was about 2015, but it was like most people were in a bad or sad mood.

      3. That pressure is crushing at times, especially for parents who have very little or no income. The wave of commercialism makes you feel bad that you can’t get the newest toys for your kid. It doesn’t always factor in that your child isn’t interested in that stuff. Personal experience here. I actually got my son a $10 lightsaber from the supermarket that he’ll get tomorrow morning. Simple, fun, and he’ll probably forget it for his trains after a day.

      I wonder why she did it too. Part of me thinks it’s gloating. Then again, I know people who would do that solely to garner hate from people. It’s a hope that the whole thing goes viral and you get some infamy.

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      • L. Marie says:

        I hope your son will have fun with his lightsaber. I wouldn’t mind having one of those myself. A friend bought her son some Star Wars figures. He’s never seen the movies, but expressed some interest in having the figures. But I’m guessing he’ll forget about them after awhile and return to his cars and trains. I’m totally getting a set of the Star Wars figures for myself after Christmas!

        And I’m hoping 2016 is a better year. So many people I know could use a good year.


      • I got him the Luke one too because the other choice was prequel Anakin. We’ll be going to a bouncy castle place in the morning too, which has a special play time. As far as the trains go, it’s nice that he has a go to comfort thing. Seeing him play at his train table is fun because I remember him being small enough to on top and sit in the middle with his lunch.


  4. Do you have a favorite holiday memory? When my in-laws were alive I flew to Pittsburgh and spent a wonderful holiday with them and my future wife. Snow and holiday cheer. I hated to fly back to San Francisco (and that’s saying something)
    If you could wish for one thing this holiday season, what would it be? I wish those who disagree would agree for twenty four hours. (who knows? maybe it would last)
    What’s the one thing you would change about this time of year? I would ask every author to knock off the 25 days promotions.


  5. With the wee one demanding my attention (Electra’s taking a well-earned nap), all I have time to say is, I loved your take on Christmas, naive or not. Also, I bought the bundle, even though I already have them as individual books. What can I say, I’m a sucker for a bargain 😀

    Happy holidays, buddy. Don’t let humanity bring you down. Here’s to hoping things get better in 2016.


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