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Questions 3: Anybody Out There?

Don’t forget that LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE: THE MERCENARY PRINCE is out and Delvin finally gets to shine.  Got the promo out of the way?  Good. I figure I’m not talking to anybody, so the Dawn Fang questions will be saved for … Continue reading

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Alert! Time is almost up!

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
I’m participating in a huge Rafflecopter event. You could win 30 different novels. My own offering is Will O’ the Wisp. Here’s the awesome cover to whet your appetite. This event was planned out by…

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7 Signs a fantasy author is going crazy – a guest post from Charles E. Yallowitz

Originally posted on Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:
Charles has just released his new book, The Mercenary Prince… the latest in his popular Windemere fantasy series. I wonder how many of these he is relating from personal experience…? A big…

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Post Revisited- Sneaky Munchkin

This is a son post from October 8th, 2014.  I’m noticing there is a lot of blog activity in October.  At the very least, it’s one of the months where I had a lot less in terms of reblogs, promo … Continue reading

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‘Legends of Windemere: The Mercenary Prince’ has Arrived! #fantasy

Now on Amazon for $2.99! LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE: THE MERCENARY PRINCE Delvin Cunningham has left the champions. Lost to his tribe in the Yagervan Plains, fear and shame have kept the former Mercenary Prince away from his homeland. With his … Continue reading

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Dawn Fangs: Civilized Monsters of Blood and Death

I’ve gone into the Dawn Fangs here before.  Here are the major physical and origin points: Born from the Great Cataclysm, they are vampires that are still alive.  Pulse, create enough blood to avoid a coma, and fangs are there. … Continue reading

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Pre-Publishing Thoughts

So I’m probably an hour or two away from hitting publish on Legends of Windemere: The Mercenary Prince.  This means it’ll be live by the time I wake up and tomorrow is promo set up day.  This includes the usually sites, … Continue reading

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