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Book Reviewer Blogs

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Dear book reviewers, if you would like your blog to be added here – just drop me a line, providing your name, review genre(s) and the link to your blog. Entries will…

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Raven’s Hold After Thoughts

First, I always try to post this video around Halloween: So, Raven’s Hold ended last night and I’m writing this post on September 8th under the assumption that somebody finished reading it.  I could very well be wrong, but that’s … Continue reading

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Halloween Blog Party!

Originally posted on Suzie Speaks:
It’s Halloween, and while many people are preparing for a party with their loved ones, or getting ready to go trick-or-treating and annoying their neighbours, I thought it would be a fun idea to host…

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Raven’s Hold Finale (Part 29) #thriller #fiction

“I wish I could remember why I brought you here,” Corvus says while staring across the ocean. Choppy waves slam into the eroding shore, each one delivering small pieces of Crow’s Landing. “There are so many lies I’ve weaved over … Continue reading

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Stare into the Monster Maker (Finale)

The final batch of critters have been donated by L. Marie: Furbfur A hypo-allergenic construct that begins life as a featureless dog made out of clay.  It is molded and changed to suit the owner’s requirements.  This means it can … Continue reading

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Interview with Author Charles E Yallowitz

Originally posted on Sacha Black:
My author interviews are drawing to a close, we have less than a month left of these posts and I’m not sure yet what I will do about replacing them. But, to this week, I…

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#SciFi Women Interview: Jo Robinson

Originally posted on Natacha Guyot:
October’s guest for #Scifi Women Interviews is author Jo Robinson. I met her thanks to the WordPress writing and blogging community and was deligthed when she accepted to participate to this series. Jo Robinson Jo…

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Raven’s Hold Part 28 #thriller #fiction

Racing through the dissolving hallways, Ian fights to avoid falling into the abyssal gaps that are devouring Raven’s Hold. Doors have melted into puddles to expose rooms that are crumbling into dust. Several of the chasms have exposed bone around … Continue reading

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Questions 3: Happy Halloween Fun

An early Happy Halloween to everyone since I’ll be busy on Saturday.  Not easy wrangling a child who still hasn’t mastered trick-or-treating.  He still occasionally tells people if their neighbor wasn’t home to give candy.  At least he hasn’t tried … Continue reading

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Momma made Macabre Macaroni, and I helped

Originally posted on Entertaining Stories:
This is the last Thursday in October, and marks the last of the Macabre Macaroni stories. You guys have been great, and I really appreciate your support and encouragement. A Downward Economy A dainty hand…

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