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Windemere Excerpts: Meeting of the Gods

Coming in 2nd place are the Gods of Windemere.  Again, keep in mind that I’m scheduling these posts.  As I type this intro, it is November 1st and I’m going to be tackling the final edits in a few days.  … Continue reading

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Interview of me by Sally Ember Ed.D on Her Show Changes

Originally posted on Fiction Favorites:
I am so pleased to be a guest on the Sally Ember Ed.D live interview show. Her show has some of the best interviews since Sally has a great way of asking just the right…

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Eat, Sleep, Write Podcast: Deconstructing Fantasy Writing with Charles E. Yallowitz

Hope everyone had a fun Thanksgiving.  This is a quick post to let everyone know that I recently did an interview for the Eat, Sleep, Write Podcast.  Click on the picture below as Adam and I talk about creating fantasy … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Dinner by Me

I’m proud because I got everything done within a few minutes of each other, so there was no threat of anything getting cold before the dinner.  The dishes: Citrus Glazed Cornish Hens Stuffing from a Box (Don’t judge me!) Candied … Continue reading

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Windemere Excerpt: Yola’s Problem

This is from Book 8, so you just know this is going to be spoiler area and I haven’t even done an initial edit.  I already found ‘writing a wrong’ instead of ‘righting a wrong’.  So forgive me for those … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! That should do it.  I’m cooking the meal tonight, so I need to rest up.  Never been very good at saying what I was thankful for because I always thought I would forget something or someone.  Anyway, … Continue reading

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Give Thanks for Reading

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Awkward Outlines with Too Many Voices

That’s what sorting through this series, which has absorbed other series has turned into at this point.  I spent the day with all the notes, books, and files that fall under this as well as the ideas I’m slipping into … Continue reading

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Windemere Excerpt: With Friends Like This, Nyx Needs an Aspirin

This is a raw excerpt from Curse of the Dark Wind and it’s for Nyx who was tied with Sari, Selenia, and Yola Biggs.  This is more of a group scene from the book, but it does deal with Nyx.  … Continue reading

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Project Done . . . Let the Wandering Begin

Book 7 of Legends of Windemere has been edited and headway is being made on Book 6: Curse of the Dark Wind.  I’ve come to realize that being a few books ahead in writing/editing can cause confusion.  I understand, but … Continue reading

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