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Free Album with Book Purchase

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Thanksgiving Weekend Giveway Today!

Originally posted on MLNewman:
Happy Thanksgiving Weekend Everyone! As promised, I’m participating in the Thanksgiving Weekend Giveaway with much thanks to Vicki. 🙂 4:45pm CST is my time slot to give away prizes and answer your questions. Also, I’ll be…

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Call for an Upcoming Cover Reveal: CURSE OF THE DARK WIND

So I have a special announcement, which you can probably figure out from the title: LEGENDS OF WINDEMERE: CURSE OF THE DARK WIND WILL BE OUT SOON! I’m aiming for December 12th, which means a COVER REVEAL will happen this … Continue reading

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Goals with Ambition . . . or was it Ambien?

I’m fighting a really bad cold, so we’ll see how coherent this is.  Then again, I’m tackling the next editing project after I schedule this, so I might be in better shape than . . . what’s for breakfast? Seriously, … Continue reading

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Vote, vote, vote!

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis:
I have a small favor to ask of you nice people: The Rave Reviews Book Club, which you may remember from my earlier posts, is having its annual Rave Awards. Anyone can vote (not…

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Perk Spotlight — Imminent Danger Bumper Sticker!

Originally posted on Michelle Proulx – Author:
In today’s perk spotlight for my IndieGoGo campaign, we have a bumper sticker! This baby will go out to people who acquire the Swag Bag perk ($25) and up. Haven’t you always wanted…

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Kindle Offer – The Mystical Hexagram

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Windemere Excerpt: Sneaky Fizzle

The winner of the poll is FIZZLE THE DRITE!  So here’s one of his big scenes from Curse of the Dark Wind.  Blah spoiler blah blah blah you’ve been warned blah blah.  Seriously though this one is going to be … Continue reading

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#BlackFriday & #CyberMonday Sale: PRINCESS OF THE LIGHT #MFRWAuthor #ASMSG

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#Self-Publishing on #Amazon Boxed Set BLACK FRIDAY #Book Deal #AmazonCart

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:
Self-Publishing Boxed Set SELF-PUBLISHING with AMAZON The paperback edition of my boxed set came out just in time for Black Friday. So I set the introductory price at $19.99 (a $37 value—that’s what it costs to…

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