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Is There a City or Nation of Halflings in Windemere?

This question is from zombiephreak and it’s rather cut and dry.  I’ll add in a little more about halfling society too. There are many villages for halflings, but they don’t have a central government since they’ve merged with the human/elf/gnome … Continue reading

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Questions on a Hot Day

First, how’s everyone doing near the end of summer?  I’m exhausted and still running around.  This is being written in a 5-minute break from the son. Second, I’ve been wondering something about Kindle Unlimited.  Does this cause some authors to … Continue reading

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Forver Hero Cover Reveal

SYNOPSIS 10 of today’s best selling authors bring you 10 full length novels of Courage, Sacrifice, and Love. BROKEN WINGS  Lynsie Fox has what she considers to be a perfect life. Married to Lincoln, a military pilot, she’s living the … Continue reading

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How Did the Caster Swamp Come Into Being?

John W. Howell asked about the Caster Swamp, which is a central setting for several Legends of Windemere books.  It is a dangerous place where unique monsters roam and thrive.  It is also the home of the Lich who rules … Continue reading

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What is Bard’s Memory?

In our world, this would be called photographic or eidetic memory.  I couldn’t really see those terms appearing in Windemere, so I came up with Bard’s Memory.  This is because bards are known to memorize a lot of lore and … Continue reading

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Book release: How To Write 50,000 Words In 30 Days

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Thank You to the First Week Volunteers for THE COMPASS KEY Blog Tour

A big thank you to those who have helped out with the blog tour so far: Teri Polen Pamela Beckford John W. Howell Bookwraiths Karen Oberlaender Dean Kealy Katie Sullivan

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Well . . . That Didn’t Go As Planned

Not sure if I’ve ever used the above video before, but I like the song.  Also I’m exhausted and blah.  Last week was the first full week of the wife having the full-time job and the toddler (now to be … Continue reading

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Video Games of Influence

I was asked if there were any video games that influenced my writing.  First, I should mention that I went from an Atari 2600 to a Super Nintendo.   So I only played the old NES when I got together with … Continue reading

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Read Tuesday, 2014

Last year was a success, so it’s going on again this year! Great promotional activity for authors!

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