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Friday Feature: An Interview With Jade Reyner

Originally posted on 1WriteWay:
Welcome to an interview with Jade Reyner, author of Twelve Days: The Beginning.  Jade also has a blog, Jade’s Jungle, at where she takes you along on her “self-publishing safari”! M:  Jade, thank you so…

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Syndicate Shout Outs! #6: Poetry Edition

Check out these poets!

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What’s the Best Way to Collect Data for Read Tuesday?

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:
If you want to learn more about Read Tuesday – a book sales event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday – click on the link below. It would be convenient to collect some data for…

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Featured? Here? You? Yes!

Read about the upcoming Syndicate Feature.

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Exclamation to Make One’s Point!!!!!!!

I need to make my point! And logic will not work!! On the screen I need to yell!!! CAPS LOCK NOT ENOUGH!!!! My insulted rage must be viewed!!!!! For the world to see!!!!!! Forget using words of thought!!!!!!! I need … Continue reading

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First Sketch: Allure of the Gypsies Possibility

Jason Pedersen, the artist behind my covers, sent me this sketch of a possible cover for Legends of Windemere: Allure of the Gypsies.  It’s just a preliminary, but I thought I would share to get people going ooh and aah.  … Continue reading

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Massive Giveaway until October 9th!

Hey, everyone! I joined a giveaway that is open until October 9th! It’s being run by Shannon A. Thompson, the author behind Minutes Before Sunset.  There are a ton of prizes to be won from all of the indie authors … Continue reading

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To Challenge a Monster

I did a lot of thinking while stuck in bed.  Eventually, my thoughts went to my books and I started pondering Clyde again.  For those new to here, Clyde is a powerful vampire and will be the main ‘hero’ of … Continue reading

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Unpublishing, Republishing, and Updating Your Book

Originally posted on chrismcmullen:
Ideally, you would publish your book perfectly the first time, everything would work out nicely, and you’d live your happily ever after publishing fairy tale. Ah, but it doesn’t always work out that way. For whatever…

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The Shire’s on Fire DDR Mix by Greg (And Kind of Me)

Way back in 2002, I wrote a funny ‘song’ called ‘The Shire’s On Fire’.  My friend Greg and I have odd conversations that lead to bizarre stuff.  This was one and I sent the ‘song’ to him.  I lost my … Continue reading

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