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The Band Played On

Through pain and dust The band played on Unknowing of the future The band played on Unable to change the past The band played on Tears upon their eyes The band played on With a sorrowful song The band played … Continue reading

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Are Samurai Allowed?

I’m sure I’ll anger some people with this post or within the comments.  This is a debate that has gone back to my college days and I’m still confused on it. Traditionally, fantasy is set in a European style setting.  … Continue reading

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Don’t You Hate It

A night’s sleep Leading to a groggy morning A delicious meal Turning on you as the sun sinks A chronic cough That is immune to every med Don’t you hate it When you’re destined for fatigue?         … Continue reading

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The Phantom Feeling

For the Angst and Longing prompt at the Community Storyboard. Our moistened lips touch And I am jolted awake To a bed of crumpled blankets Only made by me My companion the alarm Which I curse at as I hit … Continue reading

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Introducing “Hope’s Flight”

Check out this new poetry book by Kirsten and Zoe.

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Goal Post: Apples and Editing

Guess this will be short because my goals are staying the same for the most part.  Today I head out with the family to take the toddler apple picking.  It’s his first time, so this should be a lot of … Continue reading

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Brewing Idea: Lions of Trune

I came up with an idea that has been rattling around my head.  I’m still not sure exactly where to go with this, but here is what I have. A group of friends (4 boys and 1 girl) live in … Continue reading

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Anniversary & 9,000 Likes Giveaway

Originally posted on Shannon A. Thompson:
Today marks the one-year anniversary of! I wanted to thank everyone for encouraging me as I continue on this journey of writing and publishing. You might recall that I announced a GIANT giveaway…

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Look what’s back! The Rome Construction Crew rides again!

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Test Scene: Clyde’s Monster

(Wrote this off what came into my head yesterday.  Glad to get feedback even though context might be a problem.) Bathed in the red energy of his Lord’s Rage, Clyde’s punch hits Alan Stryker in the jaw with enough force … Continue reading

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