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Happy Dance

It looks like I’m now getting reports on how many e-books I’m selling on Amazon.  Wanted to check before I called it a day: 21 sales That’s amazing and I thank everyone who bought a copy.  It’s really making me … Continue reading

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The Night I Walked Off of Boot Hill by Briana Vedsted

I recently finished reading The Night I Walked Off of Boot Hill by Briana Vedsted.  Here is my Amazon review: Barbados Tom is an interesting character and not because his memory is hazy and he is trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Paperback Available!

The final piece of the puzzle is here!  Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero is now available in paperback for $10.  Just a word of warning though: The book is sized at 8.5 x 11 instead of the standard … Continue reading

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Monster Origin: Elves (Sorry, Mr. Tolkien)

We all know the standard fantasy elf.   Tall, noble, blonde, fantastic archers, blah blah blah blah.  This was made famous by Lord of the Rings and it has been a tradition in fantasy books that use elves.  They always hate … Continue reading

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Originally posted on readful things blog:
I am officially open to now accepting reviews from children. If you or someone you know has a child that likes to read and would like to have their opinion published on this blog…

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Aquarium of Montgomery Drawlls

If you find yourself near Abernath Falls I suggest you visit old Montgomery Drawlls He lives down the lane and on top of the hill You may find yourself in for quit a rare thrill   Montgomery Drawlls is a … Continue reading

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Small post to announce that I’m now on Goodkindles.  Top of the page at least until somebody else submits.  I’ve set up an image that will bring you directly to my Goodkindles page. Or you can click here.

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New Release: Counterblow by Lawrence Kelter

Lawrence Kelter is a phenomenal International Best-Selling author who writes thriller and crime novels.  He is also the man who took the time to talk to me about publishing on Amazon and tell me his story about being a published … Continue reading

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My Arsenal of Imagination

This is the pile or at least what happens when I gather all of my writings.  I think I missed a notebook or two also because I just noticed one poking out of the bookcase where I put it two … Continue reading

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So . . . Nothing’s Changed?

I’m at 24 hours being published and the excited has come down to me realizing that not much has changed.  The same distractions are around and the same stress is here.  I’ve done all I can think of to promote … Continue reading

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