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Almost Got It

I clear the spam As I hit the can Hoping to get ahead Making progress Until I hear a voice Tiny and through the door Not sleeping in today Next time will be at night When exhaustion has set in … Continue reading

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Midweek Head Mess

No school for weeksWhile mommy is awayNo more time for FrozenOnly time to playTrains going down the hallwayBooks scattered on the rugsLegos oddly clean One nightmare’s all it takesBecause mommy can’t stay upLeaving daddy to try his bestA bath at … Continue reading

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The Compass Key

Ancient relic Core of the champions To guide them to their hearths Forged of purest orbs Taken from lands long lost It sits and waits Swallowed by the changing world Abandoned by time Forgotten and alone The Compass Key slumbers … Continue reading

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Why Did You Keep Reading?

(Bonus poem that just popped into my head) Made me want to puke This series should be condemned Despised every word

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My Favorite Book Before Me

Every page was a joy Even the ones that made me cry So now I get to see it Characters of my dreams World that contain my wonder On the screen before me Not perfect or exact But I the … Continue reading

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Numbness of the Depths

Bombardment of pressure The vise around my mood Crushing and grinding Always one more turn Making life harder to stomach Desperate for relief Even for a day But the stress builds and waits Pouncing upon my return Reaching a point … Continue reading

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Music Behind Your Lids

Choose a random song Off whatever you have at hand Finger on play You close your eyes And focus on the colored sounds An adventure in unknown lands Or visiting the past Every beat will guide you As a story … Continue reading

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