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What’s The Topic?

Bend over and cough Up all the money you have We don’t cover food

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Can’t Ducking Win

Errands found in piles Laid on stairs and desks Adding to my mind As the tired one screams And the other wanders off Everything on my head As if I am their boss Having no other role Stress building Sleep … Continue reading

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Hero Poem: The Heroine (Can We Still Use that Word?)

The same and different From the male equivalent Uniforms both tight Skirts instead of outer undies A female badass Strong and quick Not willing to back down Always entering the fray With bravery and might                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I had some trouble … Continue reading

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Hero Poem: Powerless

Once the strongest of them all Now a mortal man Pitted against villains That have retained their wrath They hold the advantage Yet the hero will not hide Body honed from battles And the mind of a seasoned warriors Gathering … Continue reading

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Waking Up Lost

Eyes opening as slits In a skin I barely know Yet I see it every day The sensations are wrong Nerves misfiring Causing phantom touches Motivation is lacking Though I still want to start the day A voice says it’s … Continue reading

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Hero Poems: Fallen Hero

A hero pushed too far Disgusted by the world Or sick of never gaining ground Stop one serpent’s head And the hydra grows another So why continue playing nice? The power to kill Has always been on-hand Perhaps the world … Continue reading

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Hero Poems: Veteran Hero

He fought for years In a battle that never ended Forcing the hero To turn away from the path Living in seclusion Because the world will never learn Letting the wolves thrive Against the next generation of fools Who think … Continue reading

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