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Dreaming of the Perfect Day

I wish for the perfect day Where nothing is on my shoulders And the future will not turn bleak No errands on the list Or responsibilities to cause stress Everything is in others hands So that I may rest That … Continue reading

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Humanity’s Best and Worst

They stand on the same stage Humanity’s worst Bringing out its best                                                                                                                                                                 The poem was longer, but I just couldn’t get it right.  Left the part that was rattling in my since last night.  Yeah.  I’m going to stop … Continue reading

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In Memory of Sleep

A glorious weekend That starts before the light Not with a whisper Or an alarm Or the urging call of nature The child can be heard talking Announcing his arrival Going back to close his door Then hurrying across Imaginary … Continue reading

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Swallowed by Gaia

(Before the poem, this was one of my favorite games as a teen and I typed in ‘Earthen Womb’ for a picture. Found it funny that this piece of my past turned up when I was in the mood for … Continue reading

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The Rug Is Pulled . . . Again

Stability found Then lost without reason Leaving you confused Life has ripped the floor from below Dropping you into a blender A ride you know too well The pieces gained Are ground into dust and pulp Perhaps to be replaced … Continue reading

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One More Mile

Legs aching and arms going limp You may have pushed too far Is it time to rest? There’s still work to do A break will cost you, dear Sparks are still upon your eyes I doubt you wish to give … Continue reading

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Remnants Left on the Web

Words waiting for their day Scheduled to save time May be the last one types What happens if I vanish? No more stories can be told And all my world goes still Though it would trudge along Posts and tweets … Continue reading

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